Alfa Romeo returns

Punto Rec Studios for Simmetrico and Alfa Romeo.

To announce its return to the world of Formula One, Alfa Romeo has once again chosen Simmetrico.

The network conceived the set-up, the graphics, the communication and the video supports following the whole production up to the direction of the event.

The news of the strategic, commercial and technological cooperation agreement between Alfa Romeo and Sauber F1 was given to the international press on 2 December 2017 by FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne. The venue for the event was the Alfa Romeo historical museum, in Arese, where Simmetrico had already curated the narration of Alfa’s brand values at the Giulia launch.

Punto Rec Studios produced the walk in video: a journey through the racing history of Alfa Romeo and Sauber; and the soundtrack for the entire event.