Dal campo alla tazza

The Montenegro Group relaunches the Bonomelli brand, entrusting Stylum and Rokivo, agencies of the Altavia Group, with the communication of the new brand positioning.

The narration of Bonomelli’s world starts from the commercial, enriched by an original soundtrack composed by Andrea Ravizza, produced and recorded with 36 orchestral elements by Punto Rec Studios. It continues on the website, to offer users a simple and engaging browsing experience up to the activities on the Facebook page, full of useful information and characterized by a warm tone.

The packaging of Camomilla Filtrofiore Bonomelli opens, revealing a world of flowering camomile fields, in which a woman walks as if in a dream. As she walks through the expanse of flowers, she dips a cup between the stems, which resurfaces filled with steaming chamomile. The dream ends but not the pleasure of taste: the girl sips her camomile in a warm and cosy room, retaining the scent and well-being of the flowery field.